Linear Sequencer

Radial Sequencer

While we were developing our project, Nautilus, with Lincoln and The Atlantic we explored how sound could be spatialized. The initial concept for the project was to have a field of touch reactive poles that responded with LEDs integrated into each pole. As the project developed we thought it would be great if each pole can also broadcast sound. In this case, once a pole is touched or activated it would emit a note from an octave. We thought of the installation as being a spatial sequencer where people would activate sounds that would then playback at a timed interval. While most sequencers or linear we explored how a sequencer might have other spatial configurations and came up with the radial sequencer above on the right. The time interval starts from a central “interior” space that filters the light poles through colored panels. The model below shows how this worked in the final installation and was used as the interface to control the everything from the sound and lights in the built installation.