CHROMAesthesiae New York, NY 2010

CHROMAesthesiae is one of our first experiments with saturated gradients of color. Created for a gallery in Williamsburg, the series of ten funnels vary in size and each has a unique gradient. The bottom of each gradient is magenta and each transition to a different vivid color. As the cluster of funnels is viewed from obliquely approaching from the street, the funnels all appear to be the same color. As visitors enter the gallery they are surprised by the transition of color in each funnel. By using modularity to generate complexity through repetition, CHROMAesthesiae explores the production of spatial effects through simple strategies.

The funnels are basic catenoid shapes that allow them to be structurally stable as thin surfaces. The surface is not only light weight but allows the funnels to be made of a traditional 2D medium, paper, to create volumetric image. The piece was created using high-gloss printing paper, acrylic and binder clips.

Photos of the installation